The 5G Protocol Stack Development Group was started with the goal to bridge the gap between academia and industry. It is a platform for students to work on open source codebase for LTE and 5G, thereby polishing their skills in programming and hardware interaction.
This group aims to optimize the code and implement features of latest 3GPP releases and move on to the upcoming 5G technology. This is an effort by the students of the Telecommunications graduate students at University of Maryland to contribute to the open source protocol stack development for the future generation communication systems.


Project Lead:

Himanshu Sharma





  • Implemented Open Air Interface’s open source LTE Protocol Stack and configured HSS, MME, SGW and eNodeB (Running as different processes on same host)
  • Programmed a SIM card with suitable MNC, MCC, IMSI, SQN, SPN values.
  • Two COTS UEs (Nexus 5 and One Plus 3) were able to connect to the above network.


  • HD Video transmission from eNodeB to UE using open source LTE stack from srsLTE. (Both running on different hosts with USRP B210 front ends)
  • Established wireless communication between two USRP B210s
  • Implemented modulation schemes using GNU-Radio.